Tuesday, May 25, 2010

illustration =D

it me more2ndsthought again....

i've been searching which artwork should i put here..then i've lately remember my memory study in unisel... so many stuff i learn..im not regretting coming here to learn...^_^

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: digital illustration(lyric)
Media: Pencil , Pen , CG coloring in photoshop
Background: pn irin give assignment to do illustration from any lyric that i like...i love paramore so i decided to use paramore song"when it rains", .Based on this song the illustration shows that they guy was in deepression kill himself and left anything else behind. His friend was trying to help but he eventually cant do anything for him. That little guy 1 of my fav character ^_^ he will always be my side when im sad T_T...

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: 2D animation
Media: Pencil , Pen , CG coloring in photoshop
Background: this 1 from 2d animation assignment form en izham...i know its not that good...i dont even know how 2 use colour in photoshop!!! sume ptah2 kaki, sume keras!(dont worry no need 2 know that means) hahah XD this two character zac(big bro) & zakwan(younger) fighting all over but they love each other ^_^

Rain Candies

hello,wello again...sakuralina again desu..(=w=)
daijoubu-minna san?atashi wa genki desu...ugugugugu~..

dun mind about me who always write/speak in Japanese..coz i loves too~...

well,here the second candies illustration dat i make..i loves this one better..I dunno why..maybe it look more softer,cool, n calmer colour..(o.O) urm...well, da more i ate candies,sweets..the more i gain my weight...uhuhuhu..oh,god..(T3T)..well,i cant help it..

Title : Rain Candies
Media : Adobe Illustrator CS3
Background : how can i say...coz the title show everything..=D....well,it's my fantasies..i can do n imagined watevar i like...the most i like is candies..more than anything..(^w^) if u found me,just treat me an ice-cream. =3...out of subject (x_x)...*dies* well,this illustration is all about candies..sweets..=3

artwork :


hello,wello,yellow....sakuralina here...=3

nice to be back here ..again..just wanna share some artwork...it's some of my illustration work..

so tired...n i eating a lot of strawberry ice cream today..ice cream makes my day better..=3
me likey sugar,candies,chocolate,ice cream...ssweeeetts~~~ yummy (^w^)
*hare2 yukai dance,follow up caramelldansen dance*

Title : AIsh Screaamm!!!!
Media : Illustrator CS3
Background : well,this is Ciel..my character~u can called her "The BLoody Element Killer"...well,she doesn't even looks like a killer..my bad..well,a killer not supposed to be scary,creepy,bloody anyway...(TwT)...she is just like me...loves ice cream!!sweet things!! makes me melting inside...ffuuuuh~can damage my brain..EXPLODE!! *BOOM*


Illustration by kuroneko! :3

Hey guys! Kuroneko in the house...

Well, this time I want to share my artwork that I did when I was in Part 4... This is an assignment for my illustration class...

TITLE: My Dad, My Hero!
MEDIA: Watercolor
BACKGROUND: A father trying to save his daughter from falling into the canyon. I made it in two different angles. Enjoy viewing folks!^^

Monday, May 24, 2010

Advertising Illustrations Part One

Yoh...Ryukaze here...

Well here I am again to share some more of my works. And this time around is something that I did way back during my college years. I did this for my Illustration class and it was one of those classes that I truly enjoyed.

Here's part one of the series...

Title: Catnapped by UHU
Media: Pencils, Markers and Watercolor
Background: Was doing a study on advertising illustrations and we had to choose a product. The illustration must show the viewers what the product is all about. Here I wanted to show the strength of the glue.

Title: King UHU-Tut
Media: Pencils, Markers and Watercolor
Background: This one was to represent how long UHU glue has been around. The depiction of Egyptian times was just an exaggeration, but the glue has been around quite long.

Title: Soldiers of UHU
Media: Pencils, Markers and Watercolor
Background: This particular illustration was to show the strength of the item in the market. UHU has been known all around the world and has very strong sales. Hence the military like style of drawing.

Till next time for part two!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Small Time Wimps Make Big Time Heroes

Well don't they? Or so goes the premise of Twilight Age, my upcoming animation project.

Contrary to popular assumptions, Some of the biggest heroes in history are people who are looked down upon, stepped on, cast out, stuffs like that. You know? People who no one would have thought WOULD be heroes. There are too many to name, so I'll leave it to you as food for thoughts.

Back to Twilight Age, here is THE hero of heroes in the main characters lineup.

Imagi Router-Jax

Title: Nikoume-no-Koihime
Media: Adobe Flash CS4
Background: The original design for this was created for an indie game development project I got involved earlier, until it get abandoned by the project leader who haven't contacted me since. Since all of the former designs were heavily watermarked by me(god bless, lol), and to add to how the characters' background were done by me, I proudly turned the table and choose to have these stuffs as parts of my personal project instead.

kame n takeruuu!!! yiiippp

hiii and wow! theres a lot imagi already post here..makes me so exited...here more of my works ^____^

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: take-chan n kame
Media: Pencil
Background: this was drawn for my penpal from thailand...she really love kame n i like takeru..so i combine them together in drawing ^_^

Charcoal Time!!!!

ahhh...i love charcoal.

Title: kabuki 1
Media: charcoal and a2 size art block
background: some random character i saw in the kabuki theater book. 

Title: kabuki 2
Media: charcoal and a2 size art block
background: some random character i saw in the kabuki theater book.

to be continue....

ek ooooo~~

Munyaaaaaa~~~ IMAGI Azureamayako ish here again! POW!!
Here is the new artwork I made for en.Izzi's assignment.

Title: Look! I found skully!!
Media: A.i
Background: She found skulls in the forest and she is happy. =__=;;

Title: sad and alone in the woods
Media: A.i
background: just like the title said.

Superheroes are GO!

Looks like the Imagi Studios team are working hard to post their fantastic works!

Well here I am again to post some more...


Title: Burn Graver
Media: pencils, ink, poster color, digital print
Background: This was done for one of our faculty's exhibition in 2009. originally made for the cover of my comic titled 'Burn Graver'. It's still in storage, but hopefully I can re-do the whole comic soon.

Media: pencils, ink, poster color, digital print
Background: Another work done for the exhibition. This series was my first superhero group I created in 1993. I was obsessed with the superhero genre (still am) and created 'Blades of Steel' as it was formerly know. Along the years I changed the name cause I found out there was a videogame with the same title. After another change, I decided to just keep it as 'BLADES'. Keep a lookout for the comic previews in this blog!

*Steal Pantsu* This is Foxey!

Hey there you awesome people! Imagi Foxey 'ere! ;D
Thanks alot to Ryukaze for inviting me to join this group! *Magical pika pika tears; sniff*

Anywayyyy, I just digged out some OLD and ugly artworks of mine. Yeaaaa... unfinish unfinish *shake head* Oh well~ Here goes!

Title: Our Love Affair
Media: Open Canvas + Tablet
Background: Unfinish cover by me. A collab BieL manga between me & Mereng Chan. :3 Was supposed to sell it during CF but oh well... got postponed. Hopefully can publish it this year. :3

Title: Broken City
Medium: Open Canvas + Tablet
Background: Again, Unfinish work by me D8;;; Need to zoom in to see hanging pantsu on wire details.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is Kuroneko! :3 Nyan~

Hi there! This is Kuroneko... First of all, thanks to Ryukaze for choosing me as an IMAGI... Hehe... I'm honored to be part of the team members... So, it's my turn to post my artworks...

Title: Yoon Eun Hye Portrait
Media: Colour Pencils...
Background: Actually this is my old artwork... I made this in Illustration class... Yoon Eun Hye, the Korean actress... The cute face of her made me wants to draw her as a portrait, she is lovely isn't she?... I'm still learning, so if there any comments, do write to me... Thanks!^^


more2ndsthought is in the zoneeee ^D^

heeeeeee i actually dont know what to post here...i been looking at my artwork but dont know what 2 post!!!! O_o.... i dont have any newest work lately...
so here i go weeeee

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: izz
Media: Pencil , Pen , CG coloring in photoshop
Background: izz was my mascot character for UNIXIA....izz name actually was taken from en izham name i think heee...i thought maskot always want cute element so i draw him in chibi ^_^...the previous colouring more hideous!!!!! so this 1 i just renew the colouring using other technique ^_^v yeay!

What does B-L-O-O-D spell?

Greetings, netlings. Imagi eichling at your service.
Seeing as I've not got anything brand new and fresh to show y'all, you've got to make do with some stuff I just randomly filched from my HQ over at deviantART.

mecha pencil, drawing pens & red stabilo pen
Every now and then, it's extremely fun to draw bloody things, did you know? I don't remember when and how it was exactly that I started drawing these kind of things, they just sort of... happened. But I probably was influenced a little by characters such as Emily the Strange and Happy Tree Friends, etc. As with a lot of my drawings, these were random and completely done for myself.

To Be Free...
mecha pencil, drawing pens, red stabilo pen & colour pencils
I started drawing this on a completely random and self-satisfying whim. I remember it was in the library, and I was waiting for my ride to come and fetch me. I finished the sketching and inking that night, on my bed.
Anyways, this is an OC (original character) of mine named Mace. This drawing is related to his sad, tragic past, which I'm still not quite clear of just yet.
Drawing chains is a BLOODY pain. Ahahaha, get it? BLOODY??? ...Nevermind.

mecha pencil, drawing pens, red stabilo pen, colour pencils and Photoshop
This was a request from a friend. A random character who I randomly named Dareios and is a half-demon. Lyrics in the background are from the song Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance.
Notice that his hoodie is blindingly, miraculously white.

Coming Undone
mecha pencil, drawing pens & red stabilo pen
This one is more recent then the previous ones, but it's just a random doodle. Nevertheless, it features more... bloodiness, so I thought I'd include it.
The line "You've already got me coming undone" is from the song Two Is Better Than One (Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift), which I know clashes somewhat terribly with this image, but I thought it'd be cool if that particular line was interpreted literally.

I apologize in advance to any of you who are queasy when it comes to blood and gore. I assure you, I didn't mean you any discomfort, and anyway, this isn't the worse I have...
Besides, blood's nothing. It's just a red liquid that happens to be flowing through your body at this very moment! ...And if this is not the case with you, you are either some sort of alien/monster, or dead, in which case, I'm not sure I want to know you.


imagi eichling

Sakuralina again =)

konichiwa,sakuralina here....again...for posting up the artwork... =)

Title : Murasame
Media : Pen,Pencil,Colour Pencil,some effects using computer program (Ulead Photos) =)
Background : This is one of my comic character.he's new.Allow me to introduce u..Murasame..the name quite..err..something..but oh well,some of my frens even called him Murasami,sami,sami vellu...or watevar...try to search n google wat's da meaning of Murasame..=)...n he's a wizard..


Konichiwa~sakuralina desu~ =3

hello2,it's me Sakuralina-chan...XD i dont have a scanner,so i'll posting up my old drawing..(not so old actually) *=3=*

Title : Orpheus N Ty
Media : Pen,Pencil,Colour Pencil N some computer edition for the effect (brightness & BG)
Background : there's no reason for this drawing..this two character comes from my comic called "The story of witches" the blue hair guy named Ty, n the small guy named Orpheus. The character of Ty were created by Ichling. N most importantly...they are not gay~ XD


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yellow from AzureAmayako ^___^

Since i have no scanner with me at the moment......i can only post my old old old artwork... =__=; ( back then i was experimenting my drawing style .)

well...here it is...

Title: Yurikomoin (2004)
Media: pencil and pen
Background: ehhh...... just randomly drew a maid assassin running. ;p too bad my sketch book already lost... T^T

Bad Sketch and another HALO

Hideeho! Ryukaze here!

Looks like the Imagi Team wants me to head up the posts, so here I am posting for the first time in our blog...(and hopefully they will follow suit...)

Title: Bad Sketch Day
Media: Pencils and Pen
Background: This was done in homage to my wife going ballistic with her students...well, it didn't actually happen that way...LOL...but I knew she was thinking about it.

Title: HALO @ Home
Media: Pencils and Pen
Background: Something to show that I was and am still obsessed with HALO...

Well, here's my starter pieces...hopefully the rest of the imagi team will post up their works as well and all I can say that they are pretty gifted!

Till we meet again,

Friday, May 14, 2010


Greetings and salutations to all!

First and foremost, we would like to welcome everybody to IMAGI STUDIOS.

You would be asking, who or what is IMAGI STUDIOS? Well...

We are a group of people brought together by fate...or actually the faculty that we all are in. Identifying that each and everyone of us has the love for illustrations, animations and graphic design, we thought...'Hey let's be a group and explore our wildest imaginations and share it with the world!'...Our motives are pure and simple, we just want to share our love for the arts...be it motion or static...

Our members up till now are:

- Ryukaze
- Cookiemon
- Router
- Eichling
- Sakuralina
- Kuroneko
- More2ndsthought
- Azure Amayako
- Foxey
- Aizaki
- Rodimus

A studio that explores the infinite possibilities of illustration, animation and graphic art. Each member will post their previous works to the latest. So keep an eye on your favorite 'imagi' (title/term for each member) cause we don't know who will post their work! It keeps people on their toes and waiting...

Yup...there you have it. Each individual has their own specialty and with it, we hope that IMAGI STUDIOS will be filled with colorful and beautiful works of art...

And hopefully will help art students to know and love art in its many-many forms...

So keep us bookmarked and keep being with us!