Friday, June 25, 2010


i want 2 draw 2ne1 i think it looks a bit familliar hahahha

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: 2ne1
Media: Pencil , photoshop
Background: old work from my sketch book i just improvise the line art then put colour effect in photoshop...^_^ plus hatching for background

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

imagi rodimus
title: P1 W1max Maxy
Medium: 3d Max, photoshop n illustrator

My final project for diploma show 2010......... well i don't know what to tell! just look the pictures anyway!

Friday, June 18, 2010


this is my latest artwork...its for muslim manga contest

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: anniversary muslim manga
Media: Pencil ,wacom, CG coloring in photoshop
Background: i draw this characters with Islamic clothing...i just draw what ever is in my mine...=D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alright alright, so our Master Imagi Ryukaze has questioned out allegiance to the group, wondering why the rest of us haven't posted in a while, so here be Imagi Eichling to secure my loyalty with my second submission.

I haven't really been drawing anything worth posting up during these 2 months of break, so I had to dig up more old stuff.

mecha pencil, drawing pens & Faber Castell magic markers
Seeing as I've not the money to buy Copic markers, I have to make do with regular markers. Sometimes I wonder why they're called magic markers. Perhaps every time you use them, a wizard/witch discovers their powers.
Anyways, unrelated ponderings aside, this is an original character of mine, whom enjoys sewing, and so she sewed herself a pincushion bearing the likeness of a close friend of hers, much to said friend's chagrin. After all, who wants their face to be poked with tiny sharp needles?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Fallen of The Jedi
Medium: Artpen 0.3, 0.4

this art work are for illustration_ Magazine project, just use artpen and cross it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Aizaki Etsuda/Airaki Design

Title:' illustration' Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay
Medium:Pencil and color pencil
-This is my first illustration using by color pencil
-completed in April 2008

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Prince of Persia and Ironman
Medium: Art pen
This is for excersice Illustration 1 project but only 2 survive 11 artwork lost!

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Transformers
Medium: Art pen & poster colour

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Transformers
Medium: Art pen & Poster color

All this Transformers characters is for stop- motion final project with en. Izham! Actualy this is the remake after the originals destroy in Diploma show! But the remake are better than the original! Nice!!!

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Skoda Fabia trace
Medium: Adobe Illustrator CS3
First sem! Trace project, This what I trace for Basic computer subject! all this I made with my pc until it burnout!!! well it happen coz the pc run 24/7. The pc system are old one so just bring it on!!! Hadouken!!!

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Agnes Monica
Medium: Pencil 2B

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Norish Karman
Medium: Fully pencil colour
This is my drawing2 final, but never retrieve from diploma show! Man! I really love this artwork so much but lost it!

Imagi Rodimus
Title: Transformers
Medium: Art pen & poster colour