Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hello, Router here.

Nothing ever comes to produce whenever I try to come up with something these days, feels like a curse is riding on me. Based on what I came up with the past few stuffs I draw, it's kinda scary how they diverse greatly in style. Maybe I really do have a problem about not being sure of what I really want of late. I'm fine going either way, but this couldn't possibly mean any good to my personal art life. I'm always there for people, but at the same time I lost personal importance in direction & reason. Maybe I should become a monk, or maybe a volunteer in charity works. Which reminds me.. Maybe I should look up a charity based group over at Deviantart. If I can't draw for myself(let alone for money) might as well do it for helping people out.

Still, here's what I did a REAL while back. As most of my stuffs, this one got abandoned just as the line art stage's finished

Title : Military Wimmins
Media : Mech Pencil, Artline Tech Pens 
Background : Back when, I missed doing things Range Murata style. So here's what I did leisurely.. Until I became bored of imitating somebody else's style and decided to ditch this. Also note the whack background work. Told you, I wasn't really serious on this one.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

broken heart

imagi more2ndsthought
Title: broken heart
Media: Pencil ,wacom, photoshop
Background: lets see heree...umm this pic is not me!! its a request from a fren...
she ask me 2 do a really2 sad pic - a guy just had broken heart T^T..what i imagine..after broke up with his gf..he run so fast and suddenly he hurt him self + its raining... i love blood >_<
..i think its sad scene^^;