Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love is blind

Moshi2..It's Sakuralina here..
this is my emotional season..well...i'm emotional..=3=.. yeah,i do have my own personal blog..u dun wanna to read it anyway..coz it's all about my feeling..bla,bla,bla..n so on..
N if u read it..u'll said i'm quite emotional,sensitive person..

oh god,why is this happening to me? (now2,i dun have to be so emotional here,calm down..huhu)


Title : Love is blind
Media : Pencil,Pen,Color Pencil,Photoshop CS3
Background : can i continue my story??(=w=")well,here it is..i loves this drawing..this is wat happen in my life..i like to draw back everything that happen in my life..n we can called this drawing beside from "love is blind"..u can said "triangle love".n if u ask my opinion about love..
i will said..Love is complicated..=I

Artwork :

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, moar eichling. :|
Everything Is Not What It Seems
drawing pen for lineart, and colored in Photoshop, with a little additional help from Illustrator
This is my side of an art trade with a friend. :)
She requested something cute or anything related to the novel/movie Coraline, so here it is.
The overall composition and arrangement of the starry circle and Coraline and the tree bugs me a little, but I guess it's fine.
I'm pretty fond of this style. Should use it more often. :)


Still eichling here. =3=

Meet Ninjin-kun
black ball point pen, color pencils & magic markers for Ninjin; bg & text in Photoshop
This is for imagi
Sakuralina's Veggie Society (though I'm more fond of calling it VegeChara...) mini-project. xD I chose to do a character based on the carrot, for various reasons... one of them being the fact that carrots are pretty much the only vegetable I enjoy eating... >_>
This is a fun little project, it is. :)

ball point pen & magic markers + photoshop
Aaaaan here's Sakuralina's Daikon with my Ninjin. Apparently, they are a couple. :)

Children's Book Illustration

Moar eichling goodness. :D

Birthday Surprise
drawing pen & color pencils
Zooming in is recommended to see the little details. :O
This was one of my assignments for Illustration1 class... It was quite painstaking, to put it lightly. But it was fun nonetheless, and I got to work on my coloring techniques. :)

Catch That Mouse!

Behold, citizens! Imagi eichling is not dead! >D
After a looooong hiatus from ImagiStudios, here I be again, to present to you whatever it is I can dig up from the folder in my hard drive labelled "Some Stuff". Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeherewego!

sketched & ink by hand; colored in Photoshop
This is an OC of mine, who is a neko boy, because at the time, I felt like having a very typical kind of character. And neko-people are very typical in the world of anime. Thus, here is Neku.
That's pretty much all there is to say about this. It was just some mindless bit of self-indulgence in some mindless kawaiiness... *srs face* :|

Making New Charac's

Hello2,Sakuralina desu
mid term break comes!! as a student , we love holidays~ ok,stop it..

hurm..well..nothing much to be said...

Imagi : Sakuralina
Title : New Carrat..(wawkaaka..=D..gome)
Media : Pencil,Pen Techical,Photoshop CS3.
Background : it's just a normal character design..i loves making a new character..i will try to makes da character looks unique than the other characters..Doesn't like to create a normal's just normal..ordinary..

Artwork :

Daikon is a White Radish

hi2,yeah~ Daikon means white radish in japanese..=3

So,meet up again my charac Daikon-Chan..

Imagi : Sakuralina
Title : Daikon is a white Radish
Media : Pen Technical,Pencil,Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3.
Background : ok,this is Daikon as u know~.I make this for my facebook profile picture.err..eto..hurm,oh yeah..da Daikon word..i just make in Illustrator CS3..i rearrange da font,re-edit da font,n i forgot wat type of font did i used..Nvm about it..=P

Artwork :

Let's create Veggies Society~ =D

Hello2~ Sakuralina here again~ it's been quite a long time..=3=..not posting anything in this blog..gome2..sorry~kinda busy with something..

well,recently..when i randomly draw characters design..there's suddenly one character makes me attract..n i make out her characteristics about what does she like N Dislike..hobbies..etc.

The main point is she like,i re-design her clothes..n decided to do a Veggies society..
started with me as a Daikon(White Radish). I tagged all my frens who can draw to draw others veggies~ As for now..there's only carrot,water spinach,chilly,tomato..

Well,this is to encourage people to eat alot more Vegetables!! Veggies Rulez!! XD

Imagi : Sakuralina
Title : Meet Daikon-Chan
Media : Pencil,Technical pen, N color pencil..photoshop CS3,Illustrator Cs3
Background : hurm,already explain in above there..=w=..hehee..nothing more..just meet my charac Daikon-Chan


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi, Router-here.

Breathtaking imagery. I haven't attempted to do that for the longest time. It's really true when people say it's easy to get lost in this world, especially in one's own cause. Probably the reason behind my lack of productivity is this, I got too lost with the world and then at one point I don't know where to go anymore. I sat procrastinating in an attempt to recover my lost cause. And so, I decided to go with the often twisted imagery that always recur in my mind. Something I never could go wrong with.

The result? Immediate appreciation by people like how it used to be. I never realized, but apparently the things I have in mind when made physical are always breathtaking sights at least to one particular type of people. I'm getting a feeling that I could never wrong with this, not that the failed animation project isn't based on this either, but in addition to this I'd rather take on something which workload is believable for me to take on amidst life's dramas while being consistently productive at the same time.

Imagi: Router-Jax

Title : Monster Fish
Media : 2B Mecha Pencil, Unipin pens, Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Background: For the past few months, it's been this image. I finally decided to draw it out. Though the original imagery is still about a big fish and a kid, this processed one despite still retaining that bit, turned out really different than what it actually was in it's original form. The original one was more spiritual in appearance, this one is rather physical.. Can you feel the irony? Hehehe. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Resurrect Router for the lulz

Heheh, since it's like I've been dead around here. Hi.. Router here. Life has been unkind to me the last few months whenever I'm attempting my animation project(starting 'graduation' that is). It ended up with me getting the thought that god doesn't want me to become an animator after all.. Lol. Well just a thought, though really on the other hand I'm reconsidering my illustration capabilities. A talk with a close friend who's awesome with his guitar but went for audio engineering(AE) somewhere back then triggered this. 

He said after indulging in AE he realized that anyone trained in it can eventually do this just as well as anyone well-trained can, with it being mostly technical based. Unlike playing guitars, where gifted people tend to have the upper hand than those who are merely trained but without being gifted. Because that's what art is like.  

It's the same as in my case. You see, animating is mostly technical-based(unless you're the key animator that is) since most of the process involve knowing where and when to commit illusion of movement of a predetermined design of an object.. Can't comprehend? Well, very technical then it is. 

Not to belittle it, you see unlike illustration, animations are mostly done with image quality that's usually considered mediocre in the illustration business. But, just so that it can be made possible for animation(or repeated imagery to induce illusion of movement). It may be though to pick up at first, but anyone without skill when properly trained in this area can do it. This is why you see some animators regardless of 2D/3D expertise, while can excellently animate, can't really draw/illustrate.

Now, I'm feeling like it'd be a waste of gift. I can certainly illustrate better than what I could with the animated models that I created. Animating someone else's designs? I'm not so much into that. Maybe I'd rather become an illustrator rather than an animator after all. Either way, well, at least that means more job opportunity for me.

Well let's cut the talk. Here are 3 line arts that I unconditionally, unwillingly did throughout trying to work with that animated project which in the end, only lasted 3 scenes out of 30.. Maybe I'd post that later here too. Though all these failures aside, I am working on an illustration that only seem to get better regardless of me having abandoned illustration for almost over a year.  Will post that one on the next post.  

Imagi: Router-Jax
Title : Last Bronx - Yoko Kono
Media : 2B Mecha Pencil.

Background : Last Bronx? Yeah, that though being mediocre, is a really underrated game based on the Sega Saturn. Despite being forgotten, it's important not only in the Saturn, but in the whole gaming industry. Why, it's one of the first 3D fighting games to implement motion capture. The other being Soul Edge. Also, I also think it's given an unfair treatment given that it's one the few games which premise is actually interesting, plus you get quality opening AMV and animated endings for every characters you finish with. And the character designs are all so cool just as they are lovable and unforgettable. I like them all, but here you see Last Bronx's Yoko getting appreciation here.. Only her though.

The rest of it, I lost interest of soon after.

Imagi: Router-Jax
Title : Sky Strider
Media : 2B Traditional Pencil, Unipin pens.

Background : This, has got to be the coolest thing that I ever dropped. It's based on the idea of parkour/free-running gone competitive. Since PK/FR doesn't compete, another faction is born known as the Sky Striders. They get on tv, they start to dress  up, some sky strider play dirty on others, etc. etc... That's the stuff.

Imagi: Router-Jax
Title : Temple Guardian
Media : 2B Mecha Pencil, Unipin pens.

Background : This was when I lost motivation. With mmorpg themes in mind, I decided to draw something detailed like I used to.. Which I got bored of eventually.

There's no point of drawing something so detailed if you can't replicate it later. Unless if you consider it a certain kind of fine art piece, but that's a poor excuse.

As you can see, I lost focus at a certain point of this where a certain texture doesn't align correctly on its specific plane.

Not that it looks bad overall, but I just don't like it for the reason explained on paragraph 2.

That's all for now. And to my fellow kinsmen, I haven't turned on the group yet, heheheh....