Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Router Uplink

Goddamn, I haven't posted for so long! Well, to be honest I've been dead for some time even though I've really been improving a lot for all this time I've been gone. Now let's get posting some stuffs.

Imagi : Router-Jax
Title : Weldy
Media : Adobe Flash CS5 + Adobe Photoshop CS3

Background : The missus gave me a heads up on this contest hosted by the Cut Out magazine x The Weld Shopping Centre. Thought I might as well joined and who would have thought it got into the top 40 out of 183 entries?? :D Well, that's an achievement in itself. I don't think this will win but that's a huge motivation boost there.

Imagi : Router-Jax
Title : Alice (Custom paint on template)
Media : Adobe Flash CS5

Background : .. It's also when I was involved in the Cut Out x Weld competition that I come across a talented participant who goes by the name Shane Leong a.k.a. Extremely Shane that loves all these cartoon stuffs too. :D I saw this fun game he hosted at his Xtremely90 page where guests are welcomed to paint whatever they want on the template given.

I've always wanted to try to custom paint on toys but never have the means, cash & skill for it. >__> So I make do with things like this but hey it's really fun ya? Here I tried to make the most out of the least colour pallete & by staying within the boundaries of the template. I really like the inverted head idea, like, making it genuinely horrifying. xDDD Now I'd like a doll like this to haunt at my work station.

I've told Shane I'm thinking of becoming a regular at custom painting his templates and he seems to look forward to it too. I'll be sure to update this place with those when I do them as well. :D 

btw, I don't really like how the blood on the floor looks like. I might update the design for that and post them at my deviantart page.    0__-

Imagi : Router-Jax
Title : Paradise Baby - Raimi Himekawa
Media : Adobe Flash CS5 + Adobe Photoshop CS3

Background : Did I mention that I've also gained the ability to draw from rough to finish straight on my cheap wacom  into the computer? :D Well, yes here you see all these three new posts doesn't involve any paper at all (I was 'migrating' far far away from home & I decided to leave my bulky scanner on purpose with the intention of force-train my hands at drawing straight on the computer).

On this one, it's something I'm doing to make sure I keep drawing so that I don't lose my edge and also to cater to what I ACTUALLY want to do, which I haven't paid much attention to before, sadly :( . Anyway, It's for an RPGmaker project I'm doing that will be similar like the legendary Idolcraft (go download & play it), only with added features & more visual polish.

Also, I know, it's all moe lol. I just like to shift between drawing violent stuffs & cute stuffs when I feel like it.  Although this one is specifically intended this way to cater to the audience this will go to.

Also note the miniature 2D sprite. I'm not using traditional methods for creating them but I'm proud that I managed to make them beautifully with minimal knowledge in sprite making. Also, those are done 100% from scratch without using any doll base! It's worth being proud of. :D

Until next time dudes, over & out.

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